I’m glad to say that my new website is finished. While it was no small feat to decide which pictures to use and edit, and while there isn’t much text on my page, it was still a challenge deciding what to actually write, and I guess most of us can relate. Photography is a very specific way of life to choose and often people ask me if I can pay my bills just with photography. It is a fair question to ask and the answer is: depends on how much effort I put in.

Like any business venture, it matters greatly on your own product, passion, creativity and your drive, both as a person and as a professional. It’s not that being your own boss is actually that hard, you learn stuff as you go, same as with anything in life. The hard part is knowing how to market your skill set, so that people see value in working with you. That is practically the main reason why I decided to get myself a website, as it serves as a very cost effective commercial and enables would be clients (and visitors) to be able to see my work.

I hope I will be able to have the time to write many more entries in the future, with a wide ranging topics, going from my daily work, challenges I face during said work, tips and tutorials, my thoughts, projects I am working on and who knows what else. I am also thrilled that you managed to reach the end of my first blog entry, and I’d also like to thank guys over at Spartaq Designs for making such an awesome job with making my very own website – pay them a visit as well! And Hope you like my website as much as I do.

And don’t forget to check my Social Media links, there are some nice pictures to be found there and you can keep up with what I post and what I’m working on. Thanks for reading and take care!

Written by : Dragan

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